Did you know that used coffee grounds have a multitude of uses? Used coffee grounds is biowaste can be used commercially and domestically. There are lots of reasons to make sure you reuse your coffee grounds but in particular environmental reasons are key. For every ton of coffee waste dumped in landfill, 340m3 of methane is released into the atmosphere thereby contributing to global warming. The annual impact of coffee waste decomposition is equivalent to 10 million car emissions.
Some commercial uses for coffee grounds include:
  • Coffee oil for all kinds of food and beverage product.
  • 3D printing material
  • Carbon capture (removing harmful greenhouse gases from the atmosphere)
  • Fire logs for fireplaces/woodburners
  • Clothing and shoes
  • Cups and tableware
  • Bio energy (coffee based fuel has been tested in London public transport)
  • In cosmetic oils and solid cosmetics for personal hygiene such as soap and shampoo.
Domestic uses include:
  • Adding to compost
  • Adding straight to your garden - coffee grounds improve drainage, water retention and aeration.
  • Use as a bed for mushroom planting
  • Use for your fishing worms to eat
  • To stop slipping on icy paths
  • To make homemade face masks or shampoo
  • Create art work
  • Use as air freshener
You can also reuse leftover coffee - if you have any! Feed it to your plants or use to make coffee flavoured ice cubes.